How much does it cost to hire a campervan?

Cost of campervan hire

Campervan hire prices for 3 night weekend breaks typically cost between £240 to £360 depending on the time of year, type of vehicle, location, etc. We're a small and very friendly campervan hire company based in Derbyshire. Here's our take on the cost of hiring a campervan and why prices can vary so much.

Campervan hire prices - how much does it cost?

Davanco Leisure is a family-run affordable luxury campervan hire business, close to the beautiful Peak District.

Our campervan hire prices in Derbyshire are not the cheapest nor the most expensive, and yet we are affordable. What you get with us is campervan hire that's easy, straightforward, with meticulous attention to detail that ensures our campers are high end, well equipped and sparkly clean.

We're clued up enough on the wider picture of campervan hire prices to give you some need-to-know info. Here are our:

Four most important questions to ask when researching how much it costs to hire a campervan.

1. What type of campervan do you want to hire?

Classic campervans

Classic campervans, splitscreen or bay-windowed are generally most suitable for up to two people, although some may accommodate up to four at a squeeze. Pop-top options, awnings, and small adjoining tents increase the sleeping space. We would say they're great for couples, and for shorter distances as they tend to drive at a more leisurely pace. Hire prices for iconic VW campers start at around £300-£350 for a weekend campervan hire break in low season, reaching around £700-£800 for a week's break in high summer. Research this type of campervan hire well, and always ask about their maintenance upkeep.

Modern campervans

Modern campervans include our luxury VW T5 & T6 models, other VW conversions (the smaller VW Caddy for instance), and models such as the Mercedes Marco Polo. They generally drive like a large car and their modern diesel engines are fuel efficient. They can sleep up to four adults, are well equipped, offer good storage options, and can cover large distances. Great for families and long distance driving. Campervan hire prices for these modern campervans are very similar to rates mentioned above for the iconic campers.


Motorhomes win hands-down on space, practicality and comfort. They can sleep up to six and normally come with mod-cons such as a toilet, shower and TV. However, they are large vehicles and navigating smaller roads and car parks can be tricky. Depending on when you passed your driving test you may be limited to which vans you can drive. Great for large families and long distances. Hire rates vary from around £400 for a weekend to around £800 for a week's hire in the summer.

2. Do campervan hire prices vary from season to season?

Yes. Hire prices will vary hugely depending on what time of year you travel.

Off-peak campervan hire prices generally run from November through to March and can often give you the opportunity for some great campervan hire winter bargains.  Campsite pitches are reduced too during the autumn and winter months. Many modern campervans come complete with central heating and are very well insulated, check out our luxury T5 and T6 campers. Our off-peak rates start at £70 per night.

Hiring a campervan in the warmer months is becoming one of the most popular types of holiday. Whether it's a weekend at Glastonbury, a coast-to-coast trip, or a longer family holiday, campervan hire is affordable, fun, family-friendly and embraces the real healthy outdoor living. Our mid/high season, April to October, campervan hire prices here in Derbyshire start at around £690 for 7 nights.

Check out our Best Time of Year for Campervan Hire article too for more tips on when to travel.

4. Why can campervan hire prices seem high?

Campervan hire costs are often more than most people expect. There are a few underlying reasons from a campervan owner's perspective:

  • A high-spec VW campervan costs £30K plus, campervan owners need to ensure that hire costs are reflective of such an important investment
  • Campervan hire insurance is expensive
  • The business is seasonal and is often down-time when campers aren't being hired out
  • Campervans need to be stored in a safe and secure environment, these can be costly
  • There are annual checks to consider such as gas inspections
  • Excellent year-round vehicle maintenance is key to ensuring a safe, road-worthy vehicle
  • Like most vehicle investments, campervans depreciate with age and will often incur greater upkeep costs as time goes on.

5. Why hire a campervan from Davanco Leisure?

We're not the cheapest campervan hire company in the UK nor are we the most expensive. But what we definitely are, are passionate campervan adventurers who offer the very best in affordable luxury VW campervan hire, paying meticulous attention to detail at all times.

We own our own campervans so we know exactly how they work and exactly what's in them. We love VW Campervans and have even written our own Why VW Campervans are better article.

Our VW T5 and T6 campervans are high spec, super comfortable, all with pop-top roofs. What's more, our campervan hire prices are all-inclusive of insurance, gas, and mileage.

Check out our All you need to about our Campervan Hire section including Frequently Asked Questions, and if you have any other queries please do contact us.

Happy hiring!

Dan and Laura

Dan & Laura