Why VW Campervans are better


A VW campervan, as opposed to other campervans, will far exceed any of your expectations. That's our opinion anyway. And we're keen to tell you why.

VW Campervan Hire - is it better than others?

Yes, in our opinion, a massive yes. There are many reasons why we love these iconic, beautifully designed, home-on-wheels vehicles. Not least because they have a fascinating history (more on this below), but also, as die-hard VW campervan enthusiasts and now that we are VW campervan adventurers AND business owners, we can firmly say that we speak from first-hand experience.

Here's why we think VW Campervans are better

Campervans vs larger motorhomes

  1. More economical - Our compact VW campervans are more economical on fuel, they get from A to B quicker, and are generally easier to drive around.
  2. Compact yet spacious - our campervans are 4-birth too (just like most of the bigger motorhomes). So very family-friendly, with lots of extra storage, and much cosier on those chillier evenings.
  3. Parking no problem - VW campervan hire means no parking problems. You can park in a standard car parking space. And easily get the vehicle under those irritating carpark barriers.
  4. Easy for cities, towns, and country - Drive your VW campervan anywhere, everywhere, and park up at any time. Same with larger motorhomes? Probably not.
  5. More discreet - VW campervans will take you to those wild and hidden places where most other larger campers won't. And they're very easy to pull over by the side of the road for a quick nap.
  6. Small-space living at its best - there's everything in a compact VW campervan hire that you'll need for an on-the-road adventure. Fridge freezer, 2-ring gas burner, heating, sink, enough water to keep you going for days. Also, cooking utensils, electricity, 4-berth (2 beds), table and outdoor tables and chairs, and ample storage for all your essentials. Ok, maybe not a shower-room/toilet, but we LOVE campsite facilities (talk to us about some of the amazing campsites we know).
  7. Explore on the B-roads - Why thunder along a motorway when you can escape along the B-roads? Discover your own hidden places, your own perfect views, your own perfect picnic spot, the perfect cosy pub.
  8. Dog-friendly - just because hiring a VW campervan is more compact, it doesn't mean that our four-legged friends have to stay at home or be put in a kennel. We welcome dogs in our VW campers.
  9. Europe is an easy hop away - as easy as taking your car, a VW campervan makes European travel stress-free and economical, with no worrying about additional charges on the ferry or Eurotunnel or understanding foreign parking issues.
  10. Enjoy getting lost - it's difficult venturing off the main roads in a bigger RV motorhome. We enjoy getting lost. Driving up tracks that look as if they lead to nowhere and discovering parts of the UK (and Europe) where no-one's been before (or at least that's how it feels).

Volkswagen is a great brand with great history

Let's face it, VW campers are the most recognised brand when it comes to campervans. Just say the word 'campervan' and most people think of the fun and colourful Type 2 split-screen retro VW campers that are still so popular today.

Our newer T5 & T6 VW campervan hire conversions are known for their reliability, top-notch specifications, advanced safety improvements, superior comfort and great fuel economy.

We think that the fascinating history of the VW campervans makes them even more special. Here's a quick synopsis:

  • The idea for the VW Type 2 campervan was born as long ago as 1947
  • VW launched their first van at the Geneva Motor Show in November 1949
  • There were variations on the theme, these included buses, pick up trucks, fire engines, ambulances, beer wagons, ice cream vans, and milk floats
  • 'Splitties' earned their name from the split-screen windscreens
  • By 1967, VW had produced 1,477,330 of the popular 'splittie' campervan design
  • Fondly known as the Vee-Dub, famous owners of the retro VW camper include Roger Daltry of The Who, Lewis Hamilton, Jamie Oliver, and Fat Boy Slim
  • There's even a V-Dub Island, an annual festival for VW owners, on the Isle of Wight.
  • The last T25 left the VW factory in Hanover in 1990

VW Campervan Hire - have we tempted you?

Find out for yourselves. We've put our case forward for VW campervans being better than others, so why not book a campervan break with us and see if you agree.

Our campers are high-spec 4-berth VW campervans, and they are all equipped with everything you'll need for a cosy, comfortable camper break. If you're first-time campervan hirers we will guide you carefully through the functioning of the camper. And we'll advise you on everything you need to know such as advice on campsites, travelling to Europe, and what to do in the unlikely event that you break down. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

We are so passionate about VW campervans as opposed to others that, when you really get us on the topic of campervan conversions, we'll tell you why we think VW campervan conversions beat the VW official campervan models hands down. But we'll save that for another day.

We're Dan and Laura, we're passionate about VW campervan travel, and we're here to guide you through your VW campervan hire experience from start to finish.


Look forward to talking soon.

Dan & Laura February 2019