Dog Friendly Campervan Hire Holidays

Boxer Dog Enjoying Van Life

Dog-friendly campervan hire can be a joy. Let's face it, why fork out on expensive kennel or dog-sitter fees when your furry friends love camping and the outdoors as much as you do? Here are our tips and advice on how to have very happy dog-friendly campervan hire breaks.

Dog-friendly campervan hire holidays save money

Putting your dog in kennels is not only expensive but it's tough for you and the dog. Just think, your furry-friend is cooped up in a kennel and you're parked up overlooking a glorious expanse of beach where he would have run wild with gay abandon.

Boxer Dog on Beach

So, avoid the guilt and the kennel fees, and bring your four-legged family friend on one of our Davanco Leisure VW campervan hire breaks. We've had great feedback from customers who have already enjoyed our dog-friendly campervan holidays.

All we ask is a small one-off fee at the time of making your booking to cover the additional cleaning required to make sure our campervan is spic-and-span for the next customer.

Is your dog campervan-holiday ready?

Depending on how far you plan to travel, holidays on the campervan road can involve a lot of miles. So ensure that your dog is happy travelling by car and doesn't get terribly car sick.

Being well trained and appropriately socialised makes for a happy dog-friendly campervan hire holiday too. There will be lots of other doggies to meet at campsites and on walks, and the easier your furry-friend makes friends with playmates the happier the holiday will be for everyone.

Emergencies don't just happen at home so prepare for the worst. And, if you're planning to stay in one particular area, find out prior to leaving where the local vets are. Particularly important if you are travelling to rural areas, you just never know when doggie can fall ill or have an accident.

Make sure that your dog's vaccinations are up-to-date too and that he/she has been wormed recently.

Pooch packing - the essentials

Packing the right gear for your dog is essential to a stress-free dog-friendly campervan hire holiday. Here are the essentials we advise:

  • Lead
  • Collar with a name tag with your phone number on
  • Fresh water
  • Water bowls and food bowls
  • Their usual dog food
  • Favourite toys (to keep them occupied on the journey and day trips)
  • Treats
  • Dog bed or blanket
  • Medications and medical records

It's definitely best to pre-plan your dog-friendly packing as it can get costly if you forget things and have to buy them enroute.

Dog-friendly campsites

Campervan Dog

There are so many campsites up and down the UK that are very dog-friendly and will welcome your dogs with open arms (paws?!).

Many are very clued up for dog-friendly campervan hire adventures and go to the extreme of providing fenced off dog exercise areas, doggy poo bag dispensers, and even washing machines and dryers dedicated to washing dog blankets and bedding.

Search for campsites that are close to beaches, coastal paths, orchards, woodlands and meadows where your dog can explore freely. Or sites that are close to canal towpaths, perfect for those early morning walks.

The Lake District is one giant playground for dogs and there's a National Trust site at Great Langdale that is very dog-friendly. Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, and the New Forest are full of dog-friendly UK camping spots too, as are many of the northern UK counties, and Scotland too.

Check out the Cool Camping guide for all the top dog-friendly UK camping spots.

Happy dog-friendly campervan hire takes teamwork

Ensuring doggie is well-behaved, happy, and follows a few simple rules on your campervan break is essential to the holiday going with a swing. Here are a few we advise:

  • A dog yapping and barking at night is not a happy soundtrack. Camping in the evening and mornings is all about relaxed and chilled, make sure your dog feels the same.
  • Take plenty of towels for muddy paws. Doggies love water and getting wet and we all know about that all over doggie shake thing they do. You can never have enough towels with dogs around.
  • Try not to over-feed your dog on holiday. Dogs can get holiday-tummy too, not the easiest thing to deal with on a dog-friendly campervan hire break
  • Bring loads of dog poo bags, and bag and bin in the campsite and off-site too. This is a general doggie rule everywhere and one to take very seriously on a campervan break.
  • If you go out walking on trails and in isolated spots, keep dogs away from wildlife and make sure they're under control.

Your dog is welcome when you hire from us

We hope we've given you some helpful advice for ensuring a happy dog-friendly campervanning break. From going for a dig on the beach and climbing a mountain, to swimming in the sea, going for a woodland walk, and lapping up the sunshine, dogs will adore the campervan outdoor life.

It's all in the planning, preparation, and training. Follow these steps and you and your favourite family friend will take to an open-road adventure like a duck (or could that be dog?) to water.

Chat to us more about bringing your dog on one of our VW campervan hire dog-friendly holidays.

Dan & Laura March 2019