A campervan road-trip to Nottinghamshire

We love taking a campervan road-trip into Nottinghamshire. We're minutes away from this beautiful Midlands county with its rolling countryside and ancient woodlands. Here's our 7 top reasons why we love Nottinghamshire so much.

A campervan road-trip Nottinghamshire equals miles of scenic forests

Nottinghamshire's glorious Sherwood Forest was once a royal hunting preserve in the 10th century. Then it was made legendary as the home of the famous outlaw in the ballads of Robin Hood who famously 'stole from the rich to give to the poor'.

Take your campervan to explore this beautiful ancient forest to your heart's content. In amongst the great oak trees, the hidden woodland areas, along walking trails, and at Nottingham's Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre and National Nature Reserve.

Stay at one of the many campsites close to the Forest. And take time to wander around these 420 hectares of beautiful, precious, unique woodland.

Get to know Robin Hood

A campervan road-trip into Nottinghamshire wouldn't be complete without getting to know one of the world's best loved folk heroes.

Outlaw, visionary, and famous folk hero, there's so much to see and do in Nottingham and Sherwood forest that bring to life Robin Hood's spirited adventures.

You can download a rustic Sherwood Forest Adventurer's Map from the Visit Nottinghamshire website, it takes in all of Robin's hideaways and landmarks.

There's a Nottingham Robin Hood Town Tour. Ezekial Bone, local tour guide, takes you on an adventure of the city to explain how simple ballads over 700 years old grew into the famous Robin Hood Story.

And visit the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre at Robin Hood Festival time (normally in July each year). Watch Archery Tournaments, take part in a Castle Building contest, see Knighting Ceremonies, and taste medieval fayre.

Visit the Major Oak

This mighty 1000 year old Oak Tree is said to be where Robin Hood took shelter, and where he and his Merry Men slept.

Located close to the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, this incredible tree is now known throughout the world.  Today there's a fence around the tree to ensure it stays protected for many years to come.

But if trees are your thing, there are at least a thousand other ancient oaks in the Forest. Tree Hugging anyone?

Picnics - West Bridgeford - campervan road-trip Nottinghamshire style

Head your campervan over to Hambleton bakery at West Bridgford, and stock up on top quality traditionally made bread and savouries for a campervan picnic to beat all picnics.

Just south of Nottingham city, West Bridgeford is a charming hotspot on the banks of the river Trent and home to the third oldest Test Match ground in the world.

Our campervan energy efficient fridges will keep picnic goodies fresh for you.

Using the best ingredients, no additives, and traditional recipes, Hambleton bakery was voted 'Britain's Best' in 2012.

So stock up on their Cornish Pasties (East Midlands style!). See how long their delicious Cheese Straws last. And enjoy their Ploughman's Parcels.

All whilst relaxing by the River Trent, or in amongst the Sherwood Pines. Or in the delightful Colwick Country Park.

Explore D H Lawrence country

A campervan road-trip into Nottinghamshire must definitely include a visit to D H Lawrence territory. His birthplace, Eastwood, is close by to us, so pick up your campervan hire and make this your first port of call.

From 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' to 'Women in Love', D H Lawrence was definitely a man ahead of his time. He grew up in the small mining community of Eastwood and many of his novels reflect his harsh working class roots and his deep feeling for his native Nottinghamshire.

Discover more at the D H Lawrence Birthplace Museum, and follow the Blue Line Trail in his footsteps and see many of the places mentioned in his books.

Head the campervan road-trip to Nottingham city

You'll need at least a day or two in Nottingham itself. It's one of the UK's most thriving and creative cities.

Explore Nottingham's subterranean cave network at the City of Caves. Visit the 800 year old Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub, said to be England's oldest inn, and try some of the fine local ales.

Head for the Creative Quarter of the city, once the industrial centre, and visit Nottingham's Lace Market. Probably the city's oldest industry, Nottinghamshire lace was renowned throughout the world. The grand red brick warehouses and factories are now home to creative businesses, upmarket bars and restaurants.

You can even enjoy a trip to the seaside without leaving the city! Each year the Old Market Square is transformed into a real beach scene with sand, sea and a range of rides, sideshows, and food and drink stalls.

Campervan hire on Nottinghamshire's doorstep

We've left the most important reason til last. Our luxury VW campervans are ready and waiting to whisk you into glorious Nottinghamshire just a very short distance from us here in Derbyshire.

We love being right in the heart of the country as it makes it so much easier for our campervan hire customers to get to where they want to and they've got so much choice! Whether it's the glorious Peak District and Yorkshire Dales in the North, the rolling countryside and forests of Nottinghamshire in the east, Wales to the west, or the Shires and the Cotswolds to the south.

We offer dog-friendly campervan hire too so no need for doggie to miss out on those Nottinghamshire forest trails. And our campers are fully installed with integrated hot air blown heating if you decide an out-of-season trip is best for you.

Check out our other Itinerary ideas. And put a campervan road-trip into Nottinghamshire at the top of your must-do list. You definitely won't be disappointed.

Dan & Laura